Clothing Store in Myrtle Beach

Lazy afternoon, drinking, browsing the web for some cool stuff and came across on some items sold online. Some Gently Used Clothing in Myrtle Beach area, also selling accessories and fashion items like bags , belts and collections you can add in your closet. I felt ecstatic and jumped right into their site.

 Clothing Store in Myrtle Beach

Their items were so nice that I risked to purchase 3 items. I purchased an aqua blue striped Notations Top is classy and accented with a bow on the neckline which their website showed all the information needed a buyer needs to know. Delivery was around 2-3 days, but was able to receive the item on the 2nd day and was happy about it, fit well on my sexy body.

I plan to purchase more items from them, they have some good gently used items on sale and will definitely grab some when new items are posted.

Hoping they put up a customer service chat personel so they can address some questions quickly, but other than that, everything was great and awesome!

Visit their site and grab items you want.


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